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Circuit Features and Track Adaptations 

We can add circuit features and theming for all purposes.  Our systems generate vibrancy and engagement making them the perfect background for delivery of important messages. Our experienced event teams also complement every feature with expert hosting and commentary to ensure all event objectives are exceeded.      

Hazardous Surfaces

Winter (Ice) Section: A section which has been affected by ice. This will have a slightly reduced grip level (circa 25%). The Section is complemented with snow covered pine trees (with twinkling lights!) and snow cover on the circuit infield

Autumn (Mud) Section:  A section which has been heavily contaminated with mud. This has a marginally reduced (circa 10%) 

Both will still appear to yield impressive grip levels to those driving with an appropriate degree of caution. 

Hazardous Conditions and Surfaces.jpg

Hazards and Road Obstacles

We have a range of perfect scale props from which we can create a huge variety of Hazards, Obstacles and Road Works.


 All examples are carefully designed and executed to enhance the driving experience and provide clear illustration of driving infringements.


Speeding Zones

We create a marked and signposted section of the circuit determined as a 'speed controlled zone'.


Drivers determined to have exceeded the speed limit in the controlled zone are to be subject to drive through penalties or deducted laps.

speeding zone.jpg

Pedestrian Crossing

We create a marked pedestrian crossing on the circuit including 'flip up' pedestrians clearly visible to the drivers and spectators that will periodically appear ready to use the crossing.  Drivers will be expected to stop under control when the pedestrian appears at the crossing. 


Those who failed to observe the crossing will serve an engine cut penalty in the pit lane before being allowed to rejoin the race.

pedestrian crossing.jpg


We fit real seatbelts to drivers racing seats (Based on selection of a Seated race system). 


Drivers will not be told that they are required to wear a seatbelt.  However, at the start of the race, as the lights change from red to green drivers who fail to secure their seatbelt will have their engine cut (this is achieved remotely from the commentary booth).  Once they have their seatbelt secured drivers instantly recover engine power and re-join the race.


We integrate the collection of Mobile Phone numbers as part of the driver 'Race Licence' application process (completed via touch-screen).  A mole is appointed to randomly collect this information and call drivers during the progress of the race. 


If any Driver answers their phone while racing, they are told 'You've just lost a lap for answering your phone while driving'  - The same information will then be relayed by the commentator.

driving whilst on the phone.jpg

Using Phones at The Wheel

Safe Securing of Loads

Each vehicle is fitted with a 'Load'  attached to the rear bed.  The loads are designed to break free in the event of sustained aggressive driving.  In the event the loads are lost the commentator explains that it 'looks as though the load was not secured in accordance with safe procedures' and that the driver 'clearly, hasn't checked that the load is properly secured'. 


The driver is required to return to the pit lane where a replacement load is 'properly secured'.  Loads secured in the pit lane stay in place for the remainder of the race thus demonstrating the benefits and true time savings associated with 'properly secured loads'

safe load securing.jpg

Ice Racing/Christmas Racing

Inspired by the amazing Andros Trophy Ice Racing Championship, the track replicates a surface covered with ice and snow, and winter themed accessories are in the surroundings. 

The perfect theming option for the ultimate Christmas event.

Christmas Theming.jpg

Urban Environment and Buildings

We can add detailed cityscapes around sections of the circuit (with integrated twinkling lights), and we are able to construct any building required to further theme the driving environment.  From simple 2D 'fretwork' to complex and accurate 3D models.


The urban environment can also be further enhanced with road markings featuring junctions and double yellow lines and other track accessories.

Urban Environment.jpg

A section of road which has been enveloped by Desert.  


Complemented with a stunning row of pyramids, and the track surface adapted to a replicate driving on the sand.


Desert sand section.jpg

Desert (Sand) Section

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