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Retro & Experiential Arcade Installation


For our exclusive arcade installations, we use our industry leading knowledge to source, refurbish, maintain and customise iconic ‘Classic’ Arcade Machines. Our aim is to make them even better than when they were first released!

We are proud to also offer our own in-house Original Arcade Experiences to bring you a USP that can’t be found anywhere else.

Please look at our Critter Racing page here and Gopher Racing here for more in depth detail on our unique offerings.


It is a part of our TRB ethos, that we only supply and produce highly experiential machines for both participants and spectators alike. We believe that the arcade has always been about a shared experience. This creates a large crowd draw and a feel good atmosphere across our venues – we put smiles on faces!

We add TRB customisations and your branding to the arcade machines, in a way that is respectful to the iconic artwork and cabinets. This considered approach, elevates your arcade into an impressive and coherent visual spectacle. This gives the look and feel that can itch your customer’s nostalgia and attract new audiences alike, whilst avoiding the all too common ‘jumble’ of machines. 

SegaRally (2).jpg

All arcade machines that we supply are suitable for every age, gender and demographic, to maximise inclusivity and throughput of customers in any venue. This ensures all machines are approachable to both the experienced gamer and the newcomer, no matter the event or customer in your venue ensuring everyone has a good time.

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