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'Change My Booking' Terms & Conditions

N.B. Any changes to a booking are subject to an admin fee of
£29.00 per change

1. Introduction

1.1 Bookings made through our website, and our and your rights and obligations in relation to such bookings, are governed by these terms and conditions.

1.2 By making a booking you are giving your express agreement to these terms and conditions.

1.3 Any statutory right that you may have as a consumer are not affected by these terms and conditions.

1.4 Please do not call us about making changes to a booking. Using our "Change My Booking" portal is the only way to complete alterations. This is to ensure that both parties (that is The Racing Bug and you the customer) have written copies of the request to change your original booking and written confirmation of the changes (if any) that have been agreed to by both parties. Therefore we regret that any attempt to cancel or alter your booking over the phone will not be successful.

2. Interpretation

2.1 In these terms and conditions:

(a) “we” means The Racing Bug UK Ltd and its associated Venue teams, and “our” should be construed accordingly;

(b) “you” means our customer under these terms and conditions and “your” should be construed accordingly; and

(c) “booking” means a booking in respect of booking a slot or race package on one of our raceways, at one of our Venues, which may be made by you under these terms and conditions.

(d) "Book with a Voucher" falls under the terms and conditions within this document, as it part of an agreement between us and yourself that you have already paid to make the change and you are just completing the agreement by booking a new date/time using the voucher.

3. Booking Change Process


3.1 Within your original booking confirmation email, is a link to the "Change My Booking" portal. The portal can be found at:

You will be directed to input the original booking details, including Name, email, venue; then you will be asked what change you wish to make to your booking; upon your selection different options will automatically appear to direct you to the following step, this could include (but not limited to) asking for your current booking date/time, your new preferred date/time or a voucher code. When the form/portal is filled in completely you will be able to make payment through Paypal or with Debit/Credit card (powered by Paypal), you will be unable to submit without a complete form, you will also not be charged until the red submit button is pressed; this will notify both The Racing Bug and yourself via email of your request to change. Readying payment through the Paypal powered portal is not completing the form nor does it make payment to us until the "submit and pay" button is pressed, a confirmation window will appear. Completing the form is NOT confirmation of a successful alteration. The Racing Bug will check that you have conformed to the Terms & Conditions as listed in this document, and that your requests can be accommodated. If the terms are met and we can accommodate the changes, we will email you notifying that your changes are confirmed. 

3.2 We would be grateful if you could please allow up to 48 hours for The Racing Bug to respond to your Change My Booking request before contacting us again. We normally respond much quicker but during busy times it may take us a while so please be patient.   


4. Conditions

4.1(a) We reserve the right to have at least 48 hours notice before your current booking time, to make any changes. 

4.1(b) If you have not given The Racing Bug over 48 hours notice for your changes: whilst we thank you for trying to contact us, unfortunately in order to keep our experience prices low, we regret that we cannot offer any sort of refund, be it monetary, a voucher or any other compensation under any circumstances including postponing the booking to another time for any reason.


4.1(c) We appreciate your understanding that the racing time you’ve lost is lost. We can not re-sell the time you booked and we can’t alter time. Please think of your booking like a flight booking, when it has gone, it has gone and you will be unable to board the plane, so it is essential to arrive in a timely manner. The Raceway will still be staffed and engines running waiting for you at the time you booked – There will be other bookings scheduled during and directly after your slot which we can’t delay. We’ll try to get you racing as much as possible should you make it for any part of your slot which remains if/when you arrive.


4.2 Any changes are subject to venue availability as well as at the discretion of The Racing Bug and the venue.

4.3 Changes requested by yourself to a booking, are subject to a £29.00 admin charge. Whilst we would love to be able to offer free alterations to a booking, there is no automatic mechanism to alter our bookings and so it has to be manually changed by a member of The Racing Bug Team. This is a time consuming and complicated process which costs our business. This cost would otherwise have to be passed on to all of our customers through our Raceway prices, which we do not believe is fair to the rest of our customers who honour their booking. 

5. Voucher Conditions

5.1 Voucher codes are valid for 3 months from date of email confirmation and can be redeemed for any booking of equivalent date and time at the same venue. Please note that all future dates and time slots are only available subject to capacity availability.

5.2 To make a new booking please simply revisit the "Change My Booking" page linked in the original Booking Confirmation email, as well as on the Voucher confirmation email. Or visit: directly, selecting "VOUCHER BOOKING" and after entering your details as well as your preferred new booking slot, you'll be asked to input your unique Voucher Code.
If the slot requested is available and your details/voucher are valid, a member of The Racing Bug Team or venue staff will confirm your new booking to you.   

5.3 Vouchers are only valid for alternative slots of the same or lower value and are not valid for premium periods like Christmas and New Year's Eve.

5.4 As in 4.3, in order to keep our experience prices low and in accordance with our booking conditions, we regret that in order to convert your original booking into a transferable voucher you will be charged a £29.00 admin charge.


5.5 The use of an existing voucher is not subject to any additional charges. Rescheduling a confirmed vouchered booking is however subject to an additional admin charge.

6 Add Guests Conditions


6.1 Good news! Adding guests is not subject to an admin fee, as you, the customer are able to do this yourself by simply revisiting the original venue booking site and (carefully) selecting the same race package, date & time as your original booking to add them to yours. If the slot is still available it will be displayed.

6.2 Please Visit: Raceways and navigate to your original booking venue and make a new booking for your new guests.

7 Remove Guests Conditions

7.1 To be able to claim a monetary refund or 'Voucherise' their portion of the booking for your non-participants at least 48 hours notice must be provided and the admin fee paid. 

7.2 Once the request has been submitted, one of our Venue staff will check the request meets our Terms & Conditions for removing guests from a booking.

7.3 You, the booking member will then be confirmed of your changes via email, and then be issued with the refund or Part-Booking Voucher (which is valid for 3 months from date of issue.) To use the voucher please see the Voucher Conditions above in section 5.

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