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Design & Profile Services

CNC Sheet Material Profiling Services

Wood, MDF, Plastics, 3D Print, Metals Cutting & Machining Services.

Precision, Repeatable Profile cutting

Small and Large Batch capability - Specialists in Rapid, Small batch manufacture.


Rapid Response - Lead times as fast as SAME DAY!


Your designs handled by our team of expert, precision engineers


Sheet Cutting Capacity from 10ft x 5ft x 10"Deep (3050 x 1524 x 250mm)


We are Engineers, not simply machine operators.  We are pleased to advise on all aspects of design and material selection for your project.  Bring us anything from simple concepts through to fully machine ready drawing files and we'll ensure your parts are exactly what your project requires. 


When all around say 'It can't be done' that's when you need The Racing Bug. 


At The Racing Bug, we wanted an Alpaca shelter that didn't look ugly in the beautiful Buckinghamshire countryside of our home here at Meadow Valley Farm. The requirement was for a aesthetically elegant structure which could deal comfortably with the rigours of British weather and provide the perfect environment for our Alpaca's. We also wanted the structure to be portable, such that it can be easily relocated in line with our herd and field management.


Alpaca shelters should be 'open' at both ends - Prey animals are reluctant to seek shelter where they can't readily see through or around the surrounding area, or where they might be trapped.  Alpaca's are renown for their environmental resilience but still benefit from using the shelter to take cover from wet conditions inside, or from the outside, where it often simply serves as a invaluable wind break in an area of the field with no natural shelter.      

We have extensive experience of building portable bespoke structures from our work in the event industry, so we are able to offer this shelter in both varying and bespoke sizes.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements

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