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Small Heroes Branding

Create a fully immersive brand experience, and leave a lasting impression on guests. With branding and bespoke race vehicles, we can fully personalise the system to provide the ultimate event feature.

Comprehensive Branding 

(Includes Logos on Race Vehicles from Existing Fleet)

Bridge Branding.jpg

Branded Kiosk Environment and Race Licenses 

Logoed Circuit Bridge

Full Colour Front Circuit Skirt 3m x 610mm

Premium Branding

(Includes all branding from the Essential package, but with optional extras)

Full colour branded bridge up close.jpg

Branded Kiosk Environment and Race Licenses 

Full Colour Circuit Bridge

Full Colour Circuit Skirt x 3 sides

The branding is all made at The Racing Bug HQ, so if a branding package doesn't quite meet your needs we'd  be happy to discuss. If you hire the system without personal branding, it will operate with The Racing Bug branding.

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