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Our most well  known Unique Racing offering is 'Critter Racing'. Originally designed and created as a bespoke fit for The Four Thieves arcade pub in Battersea, it has proven to be successful and a very popular gaming concept. 


Critter Racing is a specially adapted pub version of the International Sport 'Critter Racing', which originated in the 1920's as a method used by farmers to clear fields of vermin. This game rewards finesse and accuracy, and so can be enjoyed by anyone! 

The game package itself includes; fully bespoke digital software, full brand identity designed and applied, customisable critter the ability to change the amount of player lanes as required, automatically vended prizes including branded gifts if desired, a variety of alternative payment options, and maintenance if needed by The Racing Bug.


Critter Racing is recommended  in banks of 6 lanes, 

Banks are also available in lanes of 2,4,6,8 & 10. 

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cr PIC.jpg
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