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Fair Ground Ride / Funfair Attraction Hire

Looking for a Fair Ground Ride or Funfair Attraction to Hire for an Event? Then look no further...The Racing Bug can provide an attraction like no other.

At events, not much adds 'WOW' factor and engagement like the addition of a Fairground Attraction. Well add to that a completely unique attraction, and everyone will want to get involved!

The Racing Bug systems are part of a new breed of ride / attraction that adds something extra to any event. As well as delivering that priceless first sight, jaw dropping moment, The Racing Bug's systems go on to deliver repeat excitement race after race after race.


The Racing Bug's system appeals to participants of all ages, genders etc, all able to participate and compete on a truly level playing field.


The fun is not constrained to the Driver either, our systems are as engaging for spectators as they are for the participants, typically with huge crowds supporting and cheering on their favourite drivers.

The ultimate funfair attraction.
Fairground and Fun Fair Attraction
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