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Wall and Gable End Options

Wall & Gable End Options

Our field shelters arent. The large range of options allows you pick a shelter design that best suits your needs. As standard the shelter will come open at both ends. You can choose to add the gable end options to just the one side or both. 

Boarded Internal Lower Wall Upgrade

OSB Boarding to the lower 1.2m (4ft) of the internal walls.

Ideal for storage applications or animals prone to kicking or rubbing against the walls.

£90 Net

£108 Inc

Closed Gable End

A Plain wall end, vented, or unvented.


Used to close off one side, to create an enclosed space.

£165 Net

£198 Inc

Barn Door Gable End

A pair of large doors spanning the width of the end.

Opening to the right and left of centre.

£260 Net

£312 Inc

Pedestrian Door Gable End

A plain end with a single pedestrian door (approx 850mm wide)


Complete with heavy duty hinges and padlock bolt.

£215 Net

£258 Inc

Stable Door Gable End
(Split Top & Bottom)

A plain end with a stable style split top and bottom door (approx 950mm wide)


Complete with heavy duty hinges, 2 padlock bolts, and tieback hook

£265 Net

£318 Inc

Gated End (or Centre)

A full gate across the width of the opening.


Complete with heavy duty adjustable hinges and slam latch.

£140 Net

£168 Inc

A Glamping pod body can also be created from our shelters. These are mounted on a steel trailer chassis

From £1995 Net

£2394 Inc

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