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Retro Gaming Compendium
- Over 2000 Games!

Once you've seen our Retro Gaming Compendium, you'll never want another gaming solution for your Pub or Bar, (or your home) again!

Over 2000 classic games are presented in an unforgettable, light-up,

jaw-dropping centrepiece.

In a world where Social Media is a key component for success, having an iconic photo hot spot can be critical to attracting new customers and making you stand out. The Racing Bug's truly unique compendium, could just be the ticket for your venue.


The compendium is a self-contained unit with a small footprint and includes: group seating, tabletops and 2-Player joystick gaming. We can offer multiple custom display options, but we recommend a wall based large TV or Projector, to make it a social spectacle - how all the best arcade memories are made!

We are proud to design, manufacture and customise all of our compendiums in-house.
We have a number of vehicles available, or altenatively if you have something specific in mind - contact us to find out what we can do for you.

Our Compendium is Fully Brandable. All graphics can be produced to your specification, so why not park up a new Hot-Rod, Rat-Rod or Beach Buggie in your venue?

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