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ACCELERATE @ Mercedes-Benz World

ACCELERATE is new purpose built race system at Mercedes-Benz World.


Located in the iconic venue of the Brooklands Race Circuit, Accelerate is a well suited indoor attraction that allows visitors to have their very own motorsport experience whilst admiring all things Mercedes!


Drivers go head to head racing bespoke Mercedes GT AMG's, enjoying the thrills of real competition and aiming for the win!


It is an attraction suitable for all visitors; families, car enthusiasts, and corporate clients alike.

Completed Mercedes Race System.jpg

Accessibility Friendly...

Accelerate is our first raceway to feature specially engineered dual controllers, that allow customers with accessibility needs and restrictions to enjoy the motor racing experience too.


The raceway has two dual controllers that can be accessed and used at track level via a raised ramp, avoiding the steps used to access the higher platform seats. The actual driving controls such as acceleration and reverse, which are normally controlled by foot pedals, also have an alternative choice if needed. Instead the driver may switch to an easily handled lever system, allowing someone to still have complete racing control whilst using their hands only. These dual controllers make this unique racing experience as inclusive and as versatile as possible, so that everyone can enjoy and be a part of it.


At The Racing Bug we're proud to have the innovative skills, knowledge and engineering ability at our fingertips. If ever our system needs adapting, bespoke alterations made, or a special request incorporated, we're confident we can make it happen. 

Find out more about ACCELERATE at Mercedes Benz World What's On

Brooklands Drive, Weybridge
Surrey, KT13 OSL, United Kingdom

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