We would be delighted to hear from you but please check our FAQ'S first.  We apologise that we are not able to reply to queries which are clearly covered on this page.


What time do you open?

Click here for Opening Times


How does it work?

It's a Pub with an awesome Racing System and a full Arcade of great stuff to do.  Put some clothes on and get yourself down here! 

Can I just turn up and drive?

Absolutely, we’d love to see you, but it is dependant on availability. At the moment you will need to have an arcade table in order to have access the arcade. You may able to turn up and see if there is one free, but we suggest booking whilst there are still restrictions as there is limited capacity.  


Do we need to book?

Yes at the moment it's best to ensure you've got your space! You will need to book an Arcade table with The Four Thieves. Once your table is confirmed you will be sent a link so you can book your spot on the Moonshine Raceway. As long as you have an arcade table there is no need to book the racing, but it will save valuable gaming time if you do so in advance. More Info

Can we race back to back if we have a large group booked?

For larger bookings and groups, you may be required to enjoy refuelling breaks between a series of races in order to take on vital fluids and allow other drivers to enjoy the raceway.

Can we book the whole raceway for ourselves?

Moonshine Raceway is best enjoyed in the company of other racers.  Its a shared experience, which brings people together. The Four Thieves does offer exclusive venue hire (during hours when we are not ordinarily open) - Please contact The Four Thieves for this type of booking.

Can we book the raceway for Christmas parties?

The festive season can be super busy so The Four Thieves will have special seasonal packages (some of which will include the racing of course!). Please go to the The Four Thieves site to book these:



What’s the cost of each race?

Mon-Thurs: £3.50 for 1 Race, £9 for 3 races, or £15 for 5 Races.

Fri & Sat: £4.50 for 1 Race, £12 for 3 Races or £15 for 5 races.


How long is a typical race?

A typical race is competed over 20 Laps of our complex and challenging Grand Prix circuit. Race time varies dependant on the standard of completion but expect the experience to last between 7 and 10 mins. 


Can I cancel or change my booking?

Bookings are usually non-refundable and licences must be used on the date of the booking. However during the pandemic we understand that plans are changing last minute. We are happy to help you re-arrange or cancel if your plans change. Please just get in touch.  


Is it a bit like Go Karting?

The Racing Bug experience is much more vibrant and interactive than go-karting. The action is as engaging to watch as it is to participate in and with drivers seated shoulder-to-shoulder the emotion of the experience is evident at every turn. Our race vehicles are all precision performance matched and The Racing Bug is a shared experience that you’ll never forget. Wouldn’t it be great if all motorsport took place in the Pub!    


Is it a bit like Scalextrix?

Imagine Scalextrix where you’re not stuck in a groove! Then add real steering and pedal controls, precision race timing and no need to keep retrieving your car from under the sofa. The Racing Bug is real motorsport, miniaturised.


What if I am late for my booking?

If you're running late, try to let us know as early as possible, and we'll do our very best to accommodate you.


Can I book a table?

The Four Thieves accepts table bookings for up to 6 people. During the pandemic an arcade table booking must be made in order for you to gain access to the arcade and raceway. For Table bookings please go to The Four Thieves site: https://www.fourthieves.pub/bookings

Are there any age restrictions?

The Four Thieves welcomes children but is designed as an adult environment; under 18's must be supervised by an adult and are asked to leave the venue at 8pm daily.

The Four Thieves operates an over 21's policy on Thursday to Saturday evenings.

Have a question for us? Even though we love hearing from you, please read our FAQ'S before contacting us directly.

Tel: 01280 822 522

Mobile: +44(0)7767 870 191

Email: info@moonshineraceway.co.uk


Find us upstairs in the arcade at:

The Four Thieves

51 Lavender Gardens
Battersea, SW11 1DJ​