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We’ve got new GT4 Jaguar F-types for the Invictus Games Racing Event

Invictus Games Racing Event car fleet

We’ve created a full fleet of GT4 Jaguar F-type race cars for the Invictus Games Racing Event at Silverstone this week. Our bespoke scale cars have been commissioned especially for this event, just as the larger scale F-types are especially commissioned and adapted to the Invictus race driver’s needs. The Invictus Racing Event will have a mix of; ex-servicemen and woman, their families, corporate partners and VIP Guests. We are very much looking forward to providing entertainment for them, in the ever famous and exclusive Silverstone Wing facility!

Here at The Racing Bug we love creating new vehicles and liveries. From new racing cars such as our Invictus inspired Jaguars to bike riding Lungs, we love everything with competitive fun in mind!


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