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Green Light…Right Pedal…Accelerate!!

See the excitement and anticipation as the Dayinsure champions’ race starts at Tarporley Carnival.

This event was part of a weekend full of fun events and activities for all the family to get involved in. The Racing Bug were delighted to be working again with the car insurance company, Dayinsure. Dayinsure provide short term car insurance, so our car racing entertainment system is the perfect marketing platform to engage the public audience. The system was not only gaining the attention of the racers but also many hundreds of spectators as they cheered on their favourite driver to victory.

As well as being branded for marketing purposes, the race system was very much the popular centrepiece entertainment attraction at the carnival. This is experiential interactive marketing at its best! Our event race system gives brands the opportunity to truly engage and entertain the crowds, creating memorable experiences perfect for a spectacular successful brand promotion.

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