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EXCITING NEWS! The Racing Bug are building a Comedy Arcade in the iconic comedy venue, Up The Creek!

Up The Creek, located in Greenwich, provides the best comedy night out in London. A venue for live comedy, partying, and the soon to be built gaming arcade! It is a great place for non-stop entertainment all night long!

The new arcade will be situated upstairs in this iconic quirky venue. It will have a range of arcade games suitable for all, and it will of course feature The Racing Bug’s famous 10 driver raceway! This will mirror our Moonshine and World’s raceway which are known so well in the experience pubs; The Four Thieves, Battersea and World’s End, Brighton. It’s very exciting for us to be expanding the racing circuits in this way, giving more people a chance to experience real motorsport like never before.

Building this arcade will be great fun for us at The Racing Bug, and perfectly suited to our ethos of “putting smiles on faces”.

Up The Creek and the Comedy Arcade will be the perfect venue for parties, events and good nights out where laughter and fun is a must! So keep an eye out for updates and details...

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