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Chris Writes: Nurburgring No.1- DTM Championship

Race Track germany race event

A long weekend away from the day job at The Racing Bug, and I find myself steering towards more racing at the DTM in Germany. Us Racing Bugs can never quite get away from our love for all things competitive and all things racing!

Sat on the Kumho-Kurve for the DTM Championship at Nurburing, I was definitely enjoying the thrills of the corners and watching the amazing overtakes.

It was Sunday’s race 2 and I’m proud to say that I was rooting for the British who are the top 2 drivers in the championship! Bromley born Gary Paffett come out on top with 1st position with a very quick drive. Then Paul Di Resta a British driver from Scotland gave an amazing drive and was an interesting watch as he battled from 11th position to finish the race up front in 2nd. A great podium finish for Mercedes and the British and a superb racing fix for me!

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