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Racing Shoulder to Shoulder with Monster Energy Superbikes

Check out The Racing Bug Superbikes! If you haven't had chance to race on these, then here is a glimpse of what you're missing.

The superbikes give everyone a chance to bring out their inner thrill seeker. Even those who have never been on more than a push bike, will feel like a racing pro. With a realistic riding position and every move being replicated on the scale bikes, each racer is fully in control. Not like scalextrics where all that is needed is a button. This Superbike system calls for real racing, which sure does prove to bring out people's competitive sides!

The superbikes were SUPER popular (excuse the pun), last night in Strasbourg for Monster Energy. They provided great competition for those racing, and a great deal of entertainment for the spectators. This system was particularly impressive with it's vibrant colours throughout the bikes and plenty of the iconic eye catching branding.

We're just glad that no biker bums were on show!

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