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The Race Bug Teams Go Partying

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It's about time the we all started partying ourselves!

After a busy December of events and Christmas parties for Racing Bug HQ, lots of Winter Wonderland madness, and plenty of festive partying at our raceways, we've gone for the trend of a Christmas party in January.

When you specialise in providing entertainment, especially at Christmas staff parties, it can be pretty difficult to fit in your own celebrations. So we decided to wait until our bodies had recovered from the main Christmas diet of to much food and drink, and got partying in January!

The Racing Bug HQ celebrated by attending a Special Kinda Madness Concert at The Elgiva in Chesham. Inclusive of trilby hats, braces, and obligatory dancing, it was certainly a laugh and the music made for mad night out!

The World's Raceway team in Brighton decided on a night of Karaoke at a local pub; The King and Queen. Some sore vocals cords, and songs ruined, but the pub looked after them very well! Still probably suited best to the racing commentating though!

The Moonshine Raceway team from London have got their party soon, so lets wait and see what mischief they get up to...

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