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Exhibition Season Is On & Experiential Marketing is the Way to Go

BNY Mellon Exhibition stand

Christmas was a time for parties and many a festive event, but with December out of the way, January fills with the corporate events. One of most popular being Exhibitions and conferences.

January can be a “new start” for many of us, and is often a kick start for business too. A chance to renew business ideas, review marketing, and set up those all-important opportunities for the rest of year. Where better to do this than a purpose built event for exactly that. Exhibitions are a great space to show of your business, demonstrate products and advertise to specific target markets. Not to mention networking with other like minded people, and importantly, connecting with potential clients and customers.

Therefore the key to success is to make a good lasting impression, and make yourself known. Your stand/exhibit is the best and easiest way to get it right. The stand’s ultimate job is to be one big marketing platform for the business. A place where key conversations and impressions can be made, and a place where you can be found. But what about drawing the attention of people they weren’t specifically looking for you? What if your stand can be universally attractive to everyone and make a memorable lasting impression? Then the hard work of marketing has been successful. But of course that is easier said than done.

That’s where we (The Racing Bug) come in. One of the ever increasingly popular marketing techniques is experiential marketing; the process of providing a memorable and interactive experience to engage people. Well as far as experiential marketing goes, we have it covered. A fully interactive racing system that provides a very rare and fun experience of scale motor racing. It draws people to the stand, gets everyone involved and provides a real memorable experience. The racing element works so well because it encourages competition, easy data collection and crowds of spectators. But it is not just an fun activity. It is also a very brand-able marketing platform. The system components and track can be fully branded, and the vehicles being raced can be completely bespoke too. So not only will they remember the thrills of racing but they will take home the memory of who they were racing for!

Experiential marketing has by far taken over from the stand full of leaflets and giveaways only to be thrown away. Admittedly we all like to steal a good pen now and again, but does that count as a key interaction? By using interactive marketing such as us, larger numbers of people will want to be involved in what you’re doing. Intrigue will attract people and naturally encourage more key interactions. That then paves the way for your brand and business to be noticed, recognised and remembered. The exhibition visitor is likely to have the same conversation with 50 people or more, but if you provide them with a unique memory and experience, it will be your business that leaves a lasting impression.

We offer the ultimate unique marketing platform world-wide, and it’s ready to have you name on it (literally)! We appreciate everyone has different budgets, space and requirements so we are very easily adaptable. With various different systems and brand packages to offer, and the advantages of making everything in house, we can definitely tailor to suit!! So check us out to see what we can do for you, and if you have any queries don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Image: BNY Mellon exhibition stand at a conference in Germany earlier this week. With a German speaking live commentator, branding made to their specifications, and a system suited their stand size. This was perfect for a business where a physical demonstration of what they do wasn’t possible. It worked as a wonderful engagement tool for all!

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