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A Merry Christmas from The Racing Bug

It's that time of year when the Christmas parties are in full swing, and the celebrations are a go!

As a world class entertainment provider for events, award nights and those Christmas parties, we are oh so familiar with the Christmas party vibe. Normally however, we are running and hosting our racing entertainment so we don't get the chance to party and play for ourselves. So this year we decided to enjoy everything that we do so we could experience it for ourselves. The Racing Buggers went to play on our very own Moonshine Raceway and other gaming creations at the famous Four Thieves in Battersea, London!

We took to the steering wheels and track of the Moonshine Raceway and truly showed the Four Thieves how it's done! (Well we have had quite a bit of practise). They were quite possibly some of the most competitive and intense races we have ever seen, with each person trying prove their racing worth and wealth of experience. The team also got competitive on our very own Critter Racing, which is a unique skee ball racing experience. The aim is to get your critter to the finish line first by accruing points with the balls. It's fast paced and physical, and there is definitely a winning technique to that one...but you'll have to figure that out for yourselves.

Here at The Racing Bug we have "making people smile" at the heart of everything we do. We certainly know how to make fun and have fun too. It was a wonderfully unique party, and if your looking for the same, then we can confirm that the Four Thieves is a great one; tried and tested! With its own brewery, an arcade, and of course a raceway, it's certainly different!

So to all of you who are celebrating, partying, eating and racing... we wish you a Merry Christmas!


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