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A Nice Early Alpaca Arrival! Meet Reef!

Today we were pleasantly surprised by the arrival of Reef, the newest member of our alpaca family. Reef arrived today at midday, and is real looker with a lovely colour. She is the cria of Jill (Light fawn) & Lenny (Solid Black). We were very excited to meet their cria to see how the colour pairing would turn out. Unsurprisingly it didn't disappoint as she's beautiful, and it's a new colour addition to our herd.

Whilst Jill's delivery is not a complete surprise we weren't expecting it quite so soon. Tomorrow would have been the start of the 11months, and generally as the gestation period is between 11months-12months we would have been keeping a look out for the next couple of weeks. As it was Reef was clearly eager to arrive and we super happy about it.

The name Reef is to match our other new born cria, Barry. Barry, Reef...Barrier Reef...

Yes, that's our name theme for this year, as we were only expecting two cria this year. The two will make a lovely field pair as they run around with their mums, and its likely that we'll pair Jill with Lenny again as Reef has been such a wonderful result.


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