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A Spooktacular Week of Racing

Halloween is with us once again and the spooky fun has already got going. The weekend just gone saw many a monster head towards the tracks. By that we mean heading to our very popular race tracks to have a spectacularly spooky race only seen this time of year. The witches swapped their broomsticks for a steering wheel, the vampires came out of the dark, and the skeletons pulled themselves together for an ultimate race of horrors.

2 of our 10 seater static race systems are are within Laines Pub Co. pubs. We have Moonshine Raceway in The Four Thieves, Battersea London, and Worlds Raceway at the World's End, Brighton. Both of which got in to the Halloween spirit and held extra special Halloween parties, with games, spooky drinks, and of course fancy dress. These two venues are both big players in the new trend of arcade pubs, so the monsters could do plenty more than just drink. They could play games, both retro and new. Enter new words with Virtual reality, and of course have the race of their life. Many of the monsters were racing other spooky creatures as well as against normal (well relatively speaking) humans too. They were great events, and certainly an interesting watch when you see you a zombie with a smile on it's face. Even the witches couldn't stop cackling.

The rest of the week is likely to attract more unusual guests at the raceways, so if you want to get celebrating, and maybe racing with the monsters then head to either The Four Thieves in London or World's End, Brighton, and bring out your inner racing demon!


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