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An Intro to Quartz on his Birthday

Say hello to Quartz. It's his birthday and he's 1 today!

Quartz came to us late last year, along with two other cria and their mums. He was very cute and adorable as he was the smallest of the group, and was often found sandwiching himself between the other cria; one chunky and one tall, as if they were his protectors. Naturally as the smallest he was the most timid, but now he has grown, he is one of our best on the halter and lead. His dam, Verushka is also one of the easier temperaments to handle, but didn't have any further cria this year as Quartz was a later arrival. She is however now mated to Sciarra, our white stud, so hopefully next year we will have another cutie similar to Quartz again.

Quartz is white and very soft to touch. His first fleece test came back with a comfort factor of 100%, which we definitely agree with.

He's still a little cutie, just not as little anymore!


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