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An update on Event Shelter Chaffinch Family!

Evidently, we're still not doing any events here at The Racing Bug, which is great for this chaffinch family.

A few a weeks ago their nest and eggs were spotted within the spare wheel on our Event Shelter Trailer. Due to the current pandemic, and thus lack of events, the shelter had been stationary for while and subsequently the Chaffinches thought of it as a suitable home. We noticed eggs within the nest, and set up a camera to try and catch a glimpse of their little lives. Before long the eggs hatched and we had very newly hatched chicks chirping away. Now the chicks have grown up even more, the next stage will be watching them fledge! After all this time of watching them, its unlikely that we'll see them actually leave the nest, but hopefully they'll come back.

It doesn't look like the Event Shelter will be in use anytime soon, so they're more than welcome to least someone's making good of it!


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