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Bank Holiday Mini Madness for Our Event Manager

August Bank Holiday Weekend! What will you be doing? The usual visiting family or heading to the beach? How about being part of unique car show, and driving your own classic mini? Well one lucky Racing BUG’er will be doing it all!

Our Mini mad Event Manager Neil, along with his wife Paula, and other friends from the Middlesex Mini Club, will be joining The Legendary Grand Tour in North Devon.

Running for its 24th year, The Legendary Grand Tour is a unique event where a convoy of 250 Minis parade through the beautiful streets of North Devon. The event has become a stable tradition across the three day weekend and has certainly been taken into the hearts of the local people. As the Minis tour, the streets will be lined with thousands of locals coming out to see them pass them by. With a convoy nearly 10 miles long, full of classics, fun designs, and plenty of horn beeping and waving, you can understand why!

Driving a classic mini through the beautiful streets of Devon in the sunshine. A fun and easy bank holiday for Neil we hear you say?

Maybe, but Mini’s are unpredictable machines and you never know when it might play up. To add to the fact that it’s currently sitting in the garage in pieces slowly being rebuilt… And it will still need to make the journey from London to Devon before the event even starts!

Fingers crossed it’s done in time!

The Mini convoy is a fundraising event organised by Small Cars Big Hearts, in support of the fantastic local charity, Children’s Hospice South West. The charity offers hospice care and family support for children with life-limiting conditions, dedicated to making the most of precious lives. Last year Small Cars Big Hearts proudly won a very well deserved Pride of Britain Award for all their hard work.

Keep your eyes peeled for updates on the progress of the car, more info on the run and how you can support!


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