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Behind the Scenes: The Making of Accelerate @ Mercedes-Benz World

Take a sneak peek at the behind the scenes footage of our custom build "Accelerate" at Mercedes-Benz World.

November 2018 saw the grand opening of "ACCELERATE", a new interactive racing challenge at Mercedes-Benz World. It was an exciting time for us at The Racing Bug as it was the start of a new partnership, and a completely different type of venue for people to enjoy our unique motor racing offering. Before going to Mercedes-Benz world, our other permanent static systems were operational in arcade pubs only, or racers would have to catch one of our mobile systems at events instead. Accelerate now allows a Racing Bug system to be regularly accessible for families, motor enthusiasts and corporate customers alike. Accelerate is available for public visitors of Mercedes-Benz World as well as being regularly used by corporate groups with private bookings too.

Accelerate was a complete custom build so we started from scratch. We worked with Mercedes-Benz World to ensure that the new attraction would fulfil their requirements and even the little details were taken care of. As we make, design and develop everything ourselves, we can always ensure that our creations are bespoke and perfectly suited to their new home. Accelerate was designed to be suitable for everyone. People of all ages, varying driving abilities (those without a licence too!) and those with accessibility restrictions such as stairs/steps or difficulties using pedal controls. The main seated controls on the platform are adjustable so smaller drivers with little arms and legs can get behind the wheel and still get a full driving experience. There are driving controls accessible via a ramp for wheelchair users and those who can't get up the steps. And there are even specially adapted driving controls that can be changed to be reliant on hand controls only. These controls can be either the usual steering wheel or a new lever system to make manoeuvrability easier. It really did become a race system for everyone and we are very pleased to have developed alternative racing options.

The Accelerate attraction is unique interactive racing experience, though not to be confused with a normal driving simulator. Unlike other race simulators, the only screens here are those showing the leader board and real-time lap results. Instead the drivers have a full view of the circuit and can see each individual scale Mercedes-Benz GT AMG racing around the track. The controls are just like real driving, and like real racing there is live commentary too. It is a full race experience for the drivers, and the racing action is just as entertaining and engaging for the supporting spectators too!

As we approach the summer holidays, we are aware that finding something different to do with the family can be a task. Well Accelerate is certainly different, and we always look forward to welcoming new racers to the starting grid! Check out our social media, and the Mercedes-Benz World website for updates on holiday opening times and booking info!

We look forward to meeting you this summer!


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