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Bespoke Tracks, Not Just a Race Track

This week we have yet another bespoke system out on the exhibition circuit!

Only two weeks ago we launched the all new Sprint Hill Climb with Headset Windscreen View especially for OnePlus, and now our micro system has had a makeover too.

Capita One, a company specialising in digital services for local authorities and housing associations, engaged us to implement a bit of "Wow" factor to their exhibition stand. The Micro System was a perfect idea for a trade stand of a smaller size, and creates a real intimate racing experience which of course paves the way for positive business discussions too.

Keeping in with the housing theme of the exhibition, CIH Housing 2019, it was important that the circuit was no longer a motor racing platform, but instead representative of the roads through a civilian town in which Capita One provides it's services. Following Capita One's bright colourful branding and animated theme we added landscapes of houses, super bright personalised livery to the miniature vans, and bright "traffic calming" measures too. The track itself was given a make over with road marking and lanes, even adding double yellows where needed.

The Micro System was certainly eye catching with it's fun and vibrant additions, and was a popular choice at the Housing exhibition.

If our usual motor racing track isn't quite what you need, or you have slightly different ideas for our racing technology then don't hesitate to get in touch. Everything is made and designed here at The Racing Bug HQ, so bespoke requests and system developments aren't a problem.

Give us a call and find out what we can do specifically for you!


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