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Coventry MotoFest Free Event, Free Entertainment this Weekend!

This weekend you will be find us in Coventry for one of the most varied car events of the year, MotoFest.

It‘s a festival of everything motoring; as the name would suggest, throughout the streets of Coventry. There are races, drift demos, car displays, parades, shows, meet and greets, and loads of entertainment. There is literally something for everyone, and the best part is it’s FREE! Many sponsors come together to put on the event for the public and it attracts people from far and wide.

This weekend we are being sponsored by our friends at Landsail Tyres. They have hired us to provide free racing entertainment to the crowds whilst being the perfect marketing platform to run their promotional competition from. Landsail are also key supporters of the charity Speed of Sight, which gives the gift of driving to disabled people. Their branding will be accompanying Landsail’s across the system to promote awareness of them too.

The racers at this weekend’s MotoFest will experience the joy of a real racing with our scale radio controlled cars that offer precision racing. They are in with a chance to win a set of Landsail tyres if they can complete the fastest lap on our Landsail circuit.

Good Luck to all, we look forward to bringing the competition!


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