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Free Entertainment at Prom Xtra Family Fun Day

The Racing Bug are looking forward to this weekend's family fun day!

We are heading to Conwy Bay, North Wales, to provide entertainment on the promenade. The Promenade will be filled with lots of activities, entertainment and attractions, which will all be FREE to the public. It is an annual event organised by Events Conwy that brings in locals and visitors alike, all welcome to join in with the fun.

The Prom Xtra is great family fun day, which will have a fun fairground and festival like atmosphere. We will be taking our flagship Truck Race System which is great for all the family and all ages. Many activities will be aimed at the children, but we can supply fun racing for all the family at the same time! Don't be surprised if the younger drivers take first position in the races, as all of their gaming experience sure does come in handy! As for the grown ups, we're sure it will bring back memories of old Scalextrics, but after a turn on The Racing Bug, they'll be shown how radio controlled racing is really done!

We're looking forward to it, so if you're around come and have a go!


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