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Fully Charged Live with Good Energy! We're Ready

Today is the start of Fully Charged Live 2019, and we're ready and eager to go!

Sponsored by Good Energy, we are providing a 10 seated platform race system at Silverstone for this weekend's event.

Fully Charged Live is an event celebrating and promoting renewable energy technology and electric vehicles. Good Energy, as a renewable energy supplier, are therefore a perfect sponsor for us and we are pleased to be working with them again this year. They can't necessarily demonstrate their services and what they do at exhibition events such as this one, instead they can promote their services, share their brand message and create positive customer relationships. By hiring our experiential marketing platform we allow them to do so by engaging like minded Fully Charged visitors in the fun racing action, as well as providing great branding opportunities for the stand. Also in keeping with the electric theme are the scale radio control cars, which are actually miniature electric vehicles liveried to represent electric compact saloons.

It is likely to be a very fun and busy weekend, and the racing is sure to be popular! If you're planning to go to the event, then do visit us at Hall3 C35 and put your racing skills to the test.


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