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Get ahead of the Carve

What are you planning to do you with your pumpkin for this Halloween?

Here at Meadow Valley Farm we had some mahoosive pumpkins grow in our patch this year. So big in fact, that they had to be wheelbarrowed individually and even then they filled it!

We donated 2 of our biggest to willing members of our local community as a challenge to see who could take on a pumpkin of this size. We're excited to see what people make of them (apart from an awful lot of pies!).

The norm of course is the classic scary faces, but as we are now living in " the new normal" why not create something new and fun for yours. We kept a few back for ourselves so we might get creative with a Halloween mascot too.

Maybe in futures years we'll have pick your own patch... that's if you can carry them that is!

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