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GhostBikes - Showroom Launch

GhostBikes contacted The Racing Bug hoping we could add some spice to their launch party. The launch celebrates the opening of their new retail store and headquarters in Preston, Lancashire, taking place on 10th March 18.

Ghost Bikes (.com) is a leading Motorcycle and Motocross accessories store offering top branded helmets, gloves, clothing, armour and accessories at the lowest possible prices. They guarantee the best prices and unrivalled customer support.

The store were keen to create a real ‘community event’, appealing to the whole family and ensuring their brand gets talked about not just within the motorcycling community but also the wider community surrounding their new site. The obvious choice was The Racing Bug’s awesome Superbike Racing System. The new store is seriously large, so GhostBikes were keen to use the indoor variant of the system ensuring visitors not only came inside but also were engaged and retained enough to check out everything on offer.

By getting the system booked early, Ghost Bikes were able to use the system to attract customers to attend the event via social media in particular. They asked The Racing Bug to brand the system just enough to ensure the Ghost Bikes message was presented loud and clear through all the excitement.

The system collected contact data for a huge number of the attendees and of course all participants received a fully branded Race Licence, serving as a perfect reminder of their visit to GhostBikes.

The event attracted 5000+ customers and was a massive success. The race system was operated flat out all day and the atmosphere at the launch was one of delight, vibrancy and smiles all round. We look very much forward to being a big part of the launch of GhostBikes next new mega store!


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