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:Hager Exhibition Stand is Ready with new Superbikes

The team in Birmingham are ready for the CEF Live exhibition being held at the NEC today and tomorrow.

CEF Live is an opportunity for those in the Electrical Industry to share knowledge, and promote products and services.

Hager chose us to promote their brand, and provide a competitive platform for their British Superbikes ticket competition. Suitably they requested our Superbike system. However due to the size of their stand our normal Superbike system would have been too large for the space allocated. Not wanting to disappoint, we created a smaller race system based on our Indy Circuit, and were therefore able to have 4 bike controls. Ordinarily the Superbikes are based on our larger race tracks and have 6+ bike controls. The new smaller version of the system will definitely add a new dynamic to our radio control superbike racing, as the bikes will be negotiating much tighter corners encouraging a much closer race.

Visit us today or tomorrow and let us know what you think!

Keep an eye out for more of our Superbike appearances as more systems develops and the interest in bike simulators increases.


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