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Happy Birthday Emmeline! Welcome to Meadow Valley Alpacas

Today is our latest arrival, Emmeline's birthday! Our lovely solid mid brown girl is 2 today.

Emmeline only arrived here at Meadow Valley Farm just under a month ago but has settled in well. Her full name and thus breeder is Alcedo Emmeline, but she came to us via our trusty friends at Melford Green Alpacas. Her sire is Melford Green's Golden Promise (fawn), and her dam; who is also a new addition to our Meadow Valley Alpacas herd, is Alcedo Amaya (brown). Emmeline's gentics are certainly of an interest as she has a lot of Bozedown in her blood lines.

Emmeline is being mated with this year, and she has been put with one of our new studs, Melford Green's Lenny, who is a true solid black. As our original herd started out very light in colour, we're very pleased to have added some colour variety to our herd, and will aim to keep doing so with the breeding.

We look forward to watching her flourish and getting to know her quirky characteristics.


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