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Happy Global Exhibitions Day!

Today is Global Exhibitions Day. A celebration of the Exhibition industry worldwide, and the opportunities exhibitions provide.

Here at The Racing Bug exhibitions are a big part of what we do and we are proud to be a part of the industry. As experts in experiential marketing, we are often hired to provide alternative marketing platforms for a variety of businesses during exhibitions. Whilst our gig is definitely racing, it is not just the expected motor industry brands that hire us. We are also used by corporate businesses that don't have a product or service that can be easily demonstrated. Instead our interactive race simulation draws people to the stand and provides the perfect opportunity for that all important initial interaction.

Today some of our team are ironically heading to the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) with a race system for the CEF Live exhibition. We are there with Hager, providers of electrical solutions and services. This is a perfect example of where racing may not appear directly relevant, but the competitive edge, a unique engaging activity and branding opportunities are in fact perfect. Hager branding will be all over our race system, and we will provide a real hub of activity and engagement for their stand. With many other electrical brands at CEF Live, we'll help Hager to really stand out from the crowd and give visitors a lasting memorable experience.

If you've ever attended and exhibition you'll notice that the busy stands always get busier. This observation is due to the fact that people are simply nosey and don't like missing out. Crowds immediately draw the attention of more people, and here at TRB that's our aim at all times. The racing is unique and fun for those in the driving seats of course, but the racing action becomes a big spectator sport too. What with the real time scores, live commentary and perfectly scaled vehicles, it seems difficult for people to just walk on by and thus the crowds grow. We're sure the crowds will grow this week at CEF Live and we can guarantee Hager won't go unnoticed!


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