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Introducing The Glitch Bar - Shoreditch

Real life motor racing in pubs? Yes if you didn’t know, it’s a thing! The Racing Bug have just opened another raceway in a brand new Shoreditch hangout, The Glitch Bar.

The Glitch Bar is a new arcade bar that’s hit the Shoreditch circuit. Situated upstairs at the famous SiNK Pong, it’s sure to be a place of quirky vibes, serious gaming, and real motor racing competition! The Glitch Bar is a new hangout that offers it all. A unique craft bar, nostalgic arcade entertainment, and a new indoor raceway experience; Glitch Raceway.

It’s becoming more and more apparent that pubs and clubs have to offer more than just the regular beers on tap and somewhere to sit to pull in the punters. Now it’s all about trying something new and getting a unique experience whilst you’re out. With many adding arcades, mini golf and escape rooms to their offering, bars working with The Racing Bug have taken the innovative step further by adding real miniature motor racing to the mix.

Glitch Raceway is the latest addition to The Racing Bug’s Raceway family. The Racing Bug Raceways provide gaming experiences that reflect real motor sport on a miniature scale. With live commentary, a real-time score board and actual driving controls, this unique racing game allows 10 drivers to go head to head for a podium finish. Imagine the nostalgia of childhood scalextrics but with real racing and competition. Not only fun for the driver, but it certainly draws in the crowds of spectators too.

The indoor raceway has already been proven to work at Laine Brew Co bars, the Four Thieves, Battersea, and the World’s End in Brighton. Known as Moonshine and World’s Raceway, these raceways are one of the main attractions to these bars, which in turn increases the number enjoying re-fuelling drink breaks. Laine Brew Co will still have a great presence in The Glitch Bar as they’ll be stocking the bar with their own quirky brews, including a collaboration bottle appropriately named “Son of a Glitch”.

The Glitch Bar is certainly set to be a winner with its alternative drink offering, retro gaming, and a unique experience. So head there with your colleges, friends and even arch enemies to enter and night of competitive fun.


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