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Introducing The Racing Bug’s New Headset Based Windscreen View

Here at The Racing Bug we are super excited to show off our brand new headset based windscreen view! This new windscreen view combines Virtual Reality technology with the reality of a real racing experience. As each scale radio controlled vehicle is driven around the circuit, the image of the track from a windscreen view is shown on each individual racer’s headset. The view is not augmented reality, but instead is the actual view of the track visible from each individual car. The view is also displayed on the trackside screens, so race spectators can see both the live racing action, and the driver’s perception. By combining the VR headset concept with our real racing simulator, we provide the driver with an even more immersive race experience, whilst still allowing the race system to engage and entertain the crowds. After all, our systems are used to engage all those around, not just the individuals racing.

In order to aid the visual development, the circuit has had a design overhaul. The circuit barriers are illuminated, and there is a racing line lit up to guide the racers. There are also additional road markings to guide the driving direction just as would be seen on a real race circuit. Whilst the spectators can see the circuit in its entirety, the racers can only see what is in front of their car. It was therefore important for us to aid the new concept to make the racing experience just as doable and thus enjoyable as it is ordinarily.

This week we have been demonstrating our new headset view whilst proudly working with event agency Energy and phone manufacturers OnePlus to promote the new OnePlus 7 Pro (5G). Our Hill Climb system, updated with the new windscreen view has been the focal point of their exhibition stand. Using the new OnePlus 7 Pro phone within the headset, we have been helping to promote, demonstrate and engage visitors with the OnePlus brand in a unique and exciting way.

The Racing Bug are proud to be once again leading the way in gaming technologies, whilst also expanding our offering for the experiential market.


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