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It's Cheeky Tungsten's Birthday this Weekend!

Our cheeky boy Tungsten will be turning 1 this weekend!

Tungsten was very cute cria, and still has lovely cheeky face now! When he first arrived on the farm with two other light coloured boys, his fawn colouring made him really stand out, and he was always the more difficult one to get hold of! However now he's grown up and is being halter trained, he's a lot more used to being handled and will hopefully become one of our trekkers when he's ready.

We hope to be able to offer trekking and alpaca experiences once things have calmed down a bit, and there will be other animals on the farm to meet too. How about taking the alpacas for a walk, having lunch with the ducks, and collecting the eggs from the chickens? A lovely day perfect for families to get up close and personal with our cutest alpacas, and enjoy nature at it's best.

Keep an eye open for updates on a our website and Facebook pages for when things are ready to go back to normal, and we can share our alpaca experiences with you!


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