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KwikFit BTCC @ Thruxton

Bring on another KwikFit BTCC! This weekend we are back at Thruxton for another round of touring cars! The weather isn't looking too great, but after surviving (and finally drying off from) an overly wet and muddy Carfest a few weeks back, we are ready to go again! Our flagship truck system is an all weather champion, so it is well used to the rain. It's often found to provide great shelter for our race spectators too, which is an added bonus!

Our scale touring cars will be giving fans at Thruxton their very own chance to get racing, get competitive, and have some awesome extra fun between racing events. With only 4 more weekends until the BTCC is over for the year, we want everyone to make the most of our motor-racing adrenaline fuelled experience. Pop by, create your very own race licence, get yourself up onto the grid, and 3-2-1...Race!

Be sure to check out your final position in your race, and see if your lap times make it to our live leader board. Those still on the leaderboard at the end of an event are invited to a championship race to see if they can hold the title (and of course a gleaming trophy) at the end.

Good luck to all, and we look forward to seeing you there!


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