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Mother and Daughter Pair Due Very Soon!

Amaya and daughter Emmeline are both due imminently.

Amaya age 7 and solid brown has been mated with our new stud Sciarra a very light fawn in his first year of stud servicing. Amaya's daughter Emmeline is also expecting, and this will be her first cria this year. She is 3 later this year and a dark brown/modern grey. She was mated with our experienced black stud Lenny. We actively chose to put those more experienced with those new to the job, with the hope that the mixed pairing will provide an easier mating, pregnancy and birthing process.

The resulting colour for the cria will be interesting to see as fawn is actually the prominent colour in the ladies' ancestor's genetics, yet their darker colour gene in both cases takes over. Naturally we will expect a rich dark colour, maybe even some more modern grey from the Emmeline and and Lenny. But with Amaya and Sciarra it will interesting how dark or light a fawn the little one ends up being.

We are keen to introduce a whole range of colour amongst the herd, rather than specialise in one, and this year we will really start to the change in that. With mothers of various colours and a stud at each end of the colour spectrum the cria this year will hopefully all be quite different.


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