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New Pond for the Fish as Duck Compound Takes Over

A new pond has been especially created to house the Koi Carp that have been displaced by our new duck compound.

Meadow Valley Farm already had a pond on arrival, but now we've added another. The original pond has been updated and transformed into our new duck compound. What with wire fencing, new filters, and a revamp of the landscaping too, it's ready to house our rare breed, Large Silver Appleyard ducks. This did however mean that we had a perfect reason to get creative and make a new home for the fish.

The new pond not only houses the Koi Carp, but is a lovely feature to look out on to. As well as the pond, the bridge was also entirely made by ourselves, mainly from reused timber and off cuts.

Very proud of both ponds now, and a perfect use of lockdown time!


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