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Our first Cria is here!

We are pleased to welcome and introduce PLUTO!

Pluto marks the beginning of the births this year. He is the first progeny of Emmeline, and we can confirm both mum and cria are doing well. As Emmeline's is new to parenting, she wasn't quite sure of the birthing process to begin with, but once Pluto was up and about the maternal instincts kicked in just fine.

The colour of Pluto is yet to be officially determined but we think were looking at a very dark brown. Dam, Emmeline is a dark brown/modern grey, and his sire Lenny is solid black. We're unlikely to get a solid black from this match but are therefore waiting to see if the fleece is more of a brown or if there's some grey in there too.

Every year the cria are named with a theme. Last years' were Barry and Reef, as in Barrier Reef! And the year previous we had elements from the Periodic Table, so ended up with Zinc, Tungsten and Quartz. This year we are going with a Planet/Galaxy theme, so Pluto it is. We'll decide what other names we'll use as the others arrive.

For now Pluto is growing at the rate he should be and is now over the 8kg mark. We'll keep you updated on his progress and hopefully more arrivals soon!


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