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We've Got Pumpkin to Talk About

Pumpkins going great here at Meadow Valley Farm!

We have various edible goodies growing here at the farm, although many get eaten before being talked about! Earlier in the summer lots of rhubarb crumbles had been made from our patch, and apples and pears have been eaten straight off of the tree too! The Racing Bug team tend be chief tasters of anything home grown or made, so there isn't usually anything left to photograph.

Our pumpkin patch however this year is coming on particularly well (and they're not yet ready to eat which is why they're untouched). We'll hopefully be making some delicious treats later in the year, and of course they'll be perfect for the obligatory Halloween lantern too.

FUN FACT! Did you know that a pumpkin (and other squash like foods) are actually a fruit! They are seed bearing and from the flower of a plant, therefore fitting them into the fruit category. You can use that one for a socially distanced quiz if you like...!


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