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R.I.P Peter Fairhurst

Passed away peacefully at home on 29th March 2020 surrounded by his family.

It is with great sadness that I learnt this week of the untimely passing of my former School Master and friend Peter Fairhurst. As part of a varied and fascinating career dedicated to others, I was fortunate to meet 'Mr Fairhurst' while he taught at St Richards School in Bexhill on/sea. His legend was known well before I attended the school, famously and fondly as the Metal Work teacher with the firm handshake to strike fear into 1st years. His wild and beautiful vintage style cars, remnants of his forma Kit Car business, were also legendary. But most notably, he was known as the teacher who always went above and beyond to guide pupils to 'build things' and find joy in practical work. And this he did, to a remarkable and truly wonderful extent.

Peter guided me to achieve far more than my expected level of GCSE's results and our successes through extracurricular projects such as BP Build-a-car, Young Engineer for GB and several other competitions facilitated my path through college and to a degree in Manufacturing Engineering at Brunel University. Peter gave so much to me, well beyond my time at the school.

I've since gone on to build a successful business employing 30+ which focuses entirely on Peter's philosophy; building things which bring people together and make them smile. Everything I've 'built' I owe to Peter Fairhurst. Peter was a great man and gave his time and knowledge freely to help others. Not many days pass when I don't find myself passing on to others some of the skills or philosophies that I learnt from him.

I deeply regret not having had that final handshake but I always felt I had more to achieve before I could adequately demonstrate what Peter's guidance had helped me to create. There are thousands of lives which were touched and enriched by Peter's influence. In these extraordinary times he won't be afforded the usual tribute that such a great life deserves. However, Peter's influence continues as brightly as ever in mine, and I'm sure many other, workshops.

Rest in Peace Peter, may your new workshops have everything you could possibly need. My deepest condolences to your family.

Martin Rutherford

Founder Director

The Racing Bug Group


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