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RIP Niki Lauda a Racing Legend

A sad day for us here at The Racing Bug, as we hear of Niki Lauda passing away. A legend, a hero, a champion!

Niki Lauda, a well known figure in motor racing, has died age 70 after a bout of ill health. He is world famous for being a 3 time Formula 1 World Champion. But is probably best known for his remarkable bravery and recovery after his near death accident in 1976 in the German Grand Prix. His car blew up in flames after a crash and Niki was stuck and unconscious amid the flames. He was left with severe life threatening burns and serious lung damaged. Niki was so badly hurt that people prepared for the worst, but still wearing blood covered bandages and in severe pain, Niki continued to race only 40 days later. He didn't win that year, but continued to race, and went on to win his third title in 1984. After retiring from racing he went on to achieve personal goals to be an entrepreneur in the airline industry, but later returned to motor sport to work with Mclaren. He was an inspiration to all, and a motor racing legend.

His story will continue to touch and inspire many, not only sport, but in life. As fellow motorsport enthusiasts here at The Racing Bug, our thoughts are with his family friends.


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