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Showing Off Windscreen View at Carfest South

This Bank Holiday Weekend we have teamed back up with MG for another load of Carfest fun!

Only a month ago we were at Carfest North and the weather was something to be desired! It had gone from the hottest day on record to an absolute mud bath in 48hrs! The rain poured and the grass quickly turned into a river of knee deep mud. Not only were all the vehicles stuck in the mud, but so were we..literally! The only things freely moving were our scale cars zooming around the track, and even they were sporting extremely wet laps. Fortunately both of the systems that were there are well prepared for outdoor events in all weathers, but even we can admit that the weather was pretty extreme!

This weekend we're hoping for much nicer festival weather, with the sun shining, perfect for a summer family event. But we do have our special TRB event shelter up just in case!

This weekend you'll find us sporting MG branding at the MG event stand, and we're very pleased to be showing off our windscreen view technology for a 2nd time. As the racers enjoy the speed and twists of the uphill sprint climb they can also see a perfect windscreen view from their individual car right next to their steering controls. This allows them get even more immersed in the racing experience and feel right within the action on the track.

The Hill Climb Sprint is a much faster experience as the aim is to get up to the top in a super fast time, whilst fighting against the gradient and super bendy turns. It can get extra competitive with people trying not only trying to beat others but trying to improve on their own time too. With 4 people doing very speedy races each time, the racing throughput is quicker than our other racing challenges, allowing more motor enthusiasts at Carfest a chance to get involved and get racing with us.

If you think a your event could do with an alternative and speedy re-fuel then the Windscreen Hill Climb could definitely be the answer!


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