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Silver Appleyards Moved into Duck Compound

This weekend, the largest ducklings from our first hatch were moved into their permanent home, the new purpose built duck compound!

Our first hatch this year varied greatly in arrival time. There was a good 4 days between the first and the last duckling to arrive. And what with them all developing at different rates, and coming from different breeders, there is definitely a bit of gap in sizes. Our largest 4 seem to have outgrown the brooder and certainly create a right mess for the others to live in. They are 4 weeks old, which is about the right time to be introduced to the great outdoors. So at the weekend they were moved into to their new home, complete with duck house, pond, landscaped surroundings, and secure fencing too.

The others will be joining them soon, when they are big enough, but for now can enjoy a bit more space inside. We also currently have another hatch on the go in the incubator, from top Silver Appleyard Breeder, Croft Waterfowl. We are looking forward to that arrival, and having to start the whole baby duckling process again!


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