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Small Race System is an Exhibition Hero

Two days at London Excel and our Small Race System is the star of the show at the SoftwareOne and Trend Micro stand! It has once again found itself being the perfect stand feature drawing in event visitors and delegates.

The smaller 4 driver race system has been a very popular choice recently, especially with the corporate clients. There has been a switch up the type of events it features at and it's proven it's success.

Originally the Small Event System was known as our Heroes Raceway and was predominantly designed for the children's birthday party market. With it being compact enough to fit in smaller spaces such as village halls and even living rooms, it's the perfect option for entertainment delivered straight to the party venue. However it's also proven to be the perfect solution to experiential marketing at exhibitions where space is limited too.

Exhibitions are full of people, and with so many stands and businesses of a similar nature it can be hard to stand out. This is not helped if you happen to be one of the smaller stands in size. Your business may have plenty to offer but your actual stand may struggle to compete against the big boys. The answer it to make the most of what you have and make sure that your even more memorable. Size doesn't matter in this case, as long as it has the most impact and will leave the visitors remembering your brand over all of the others. Experiential Marketing is a great way of doing this. It is actively engaging, therefore more memorable, but is also allows for marketing and branding opportunities too. Finding small enough options for this can be tricky, but Our Small race system fits in to the experiential marketing category perfectly. It is fully brand-able, of course very unique and memorable, and can be as small as 2.5m x 4m (measurement allowing space around). Plus It's extremely successful in drawing in lots of spectators as well as the drivers themselves, so it always causes a lot of interest.

If you can handle the crowds, even at your smaller stand, then don't hesitate to get in touch. And if you do have more space to fill then let us know and we can help suggest the optimum race system to suit.


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