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The Davanti Trucks are Pulling in the Crowds

This week the TRB team have travelled up to Scotland for the Royal Highland Show.

We're maybe not the most obvious choice for an agriculture and country show, but many a vehicle is used within the industry, all of which need tyres! We are therefore being used by one of regular partners, Davanti Tyres, to help promote their product and run a great competition alongside their stand. It's a competition of speed this week, with the driver of the fastest lap of the event winning a set of Davanti Tyres!

We will create a real hub for Davanti, and it's a great way for the brand to increase their exposure and get marketing to different target market. It's a fun one for the event visitors too as the whole family can get involved, racing and cheering on as spectators. You never know, the ones not old enough to own their own vehicle, may just set the fastest lap and win the tyres for the head of the team instead!

It's sure to be busy few days, and the system has been protected against the famously bad Scottish weather with the event shelter. Our sturdy and specialist event shelter is in place and ready to take on the challenge, so racing is sure to continue whatever the weather!

If your heading there keep an eye out for us!


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