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The Racing Bug part of Davanti Tyres & Everton FC's new marketing campaign!

Our secret project has been revealed!

We have been working with Davanti Tyres, Everton Football Club's official partner on their new marketing campaign together. Introducing... the Davanti Tyres Grand Prix!

The first stage of the Davanti Tyres Grand Prix has seen players from both the mens and ladies Everton teams compete for the fastest lap time on The Racing Bug track. Players: Dominique Bruinenberg, Theo Walcott, Danielle Turner, Andre Gomes, Olivia Chance, and Cenk Tosun went head to head to set the qualifying times, and of course, come out with a champion.

The race saw many a crash caused by Cenk, intentionally trying to threaten the race leader's position. Andre unfortunately hit the gravel midway putting him in the catch up position. The female drivers all held their positions consistently, despite other racers unsportsmanlike actions. But it was Theo Walcott who took the victory. Taking and holding 1st position until the end of the race and also securing the fastest Lap Time.

Now the Davanti Tyres Grand Prix will continue it's next stage at the Everton game this Sunday at Goodison Park, their home turf. Supporters will have the opportunity to get involved in the competitive racing, and see if they can beat Theo Walcott's lap time if 13.40 seconds.


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