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The Racing Bug's Superbikes Will Fit Right In

This Easter weekend we are back at Silverstone for the Bennetts British Superbike Championship!

For another year running, our very own superbike race system will be providing entertainment for the crowds of spectators at this years Championship. Every year we have scale racing motorbikes racing on our truck system to match those competing on the Silverstone circuit. It's sure to be a fun one in the sun this weekend, and we are undoubtedly the most suited entertainment offering at this event.

Our Superbike system is a unique twist on our original racing system, as it allows racers to feel even more a part of the competitive action. They physically ride on the back of a bike, racing shoulder to shoulder, and leaning and twisting into the turns of the track. Every move is replicated by the miniature racing superbike, to allow for a realistic racing simulator experience.

So if you have tickets for this weekend keep an eye out for us, and get the racing "bug" for yourself!


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